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How To Get Rid Of Stringy Hair Once And For All


If you are in a bad case of stringy hair, this blog provides all the information you need. It contains the causes of this issue and how to keep it away forever.

Stringiness makes your hair appear disheveled and makes you lack confidence when appearing in public or in important events. Find out what the cause of stringy hair is and how to get rid of this issue to regain your confidence through the helpful information below.

1. Why my hair becomes stringy

Why does my hair look stringy? To begin, you must understand 2 main causes of stringy hair: oily hair and fine hair. This can happen due to the most common mistakes: incorrectly applying conditioner, combing hair right after showering, ignoring split ends, using unsuitable pillowcases, and sebum or product buildup. For your hair to look voluminous and healthy, we will give you some tips about how to fix this hair problem.

Stringy hair
Stringy hair

2. How to get rid of stringy hair once and for all

Let’s start with ways to help you fix this hair problem temporarily:

2.1. How to fix your stringy hair

Here are the things you can do that work immediately with your stringy, fibrous hair. However, you should also maintain these habits later so that this issue does not come back.

  • Go to the salon for an intensive treatment and conditioning session. Surely your hair will look much better than before.
  • Trim your split ends: If you don’t cut the split ends, they will continue to split. So cutting them off is also a useful way how to fix it.
  • Argan Oil will plump your hair up – say goodbye to this hair problem: Argan oil is a dry hair superhero which can nourish and plump your follicles up and transform your hair into a glorious look. Argan oil contains vitamins and antioxidants so it helps to increase elasticity and restore the moisture of your hair. Besides, castor oil is another ideal choice because it is full of proteins, vitamin E and minerals.
Argan oil and castor oil are ideal choices for stringy hair
Argan oil and castor oil are ideal choices for stringy hair
  • Hair extensions – Urgent salvation for hair: While in current days there are numerous products designed for stringy, oily hair that claim to make your hair more voluminous, the most effective way to achieve volume is owning real hair for extensions. They can not only give you fuller hair but also add bounce and improve texture which are all important factors in turning the hair into voluminous hair.
Hair extensions - Urgent salvation for hair
Hair extensions – Urgent salvation for hair

Choosing a suitable hair extension for yourself will help you easily achieve such an amazing new hair look and avoid hair looking stringy. To find high-quality hair extensions, you should consider buying from a reliable hair supplier. You can consider Vin Hair Vendor which is one of the leading raw wholesale hair distributor factories in Vietnam.

Vin Hair has been around for 10 years and offers 100% Vietnamese hair with excellent quality, chemical-free, lint-free. untangled, unprocessed, and no shedding.


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2.2. How to avoid stringy hair coming back

First and foremost. Small changes to the hair care routine can bring long-term effects.

  • Avoid washing your hair late at night: If you prefer washing your hair at night, right before going to bed, we recommend switching your hair-washing routine to the morning. Sleeping on wet follicles would be bad for your fine and thin hair. A morning shower will save you from waking up with fibrous hair.
  • Blow-Dry the hair upside down: It is best to begin blow-drying your hair with your hands. Turn your head upside down and begin rough drying. This will raise the roots and roughen the cuticle, increasing volume. Only brush when your hair is almost dry.
Blow-Dry the hair upside down to avoid stringy hair
Blow-Dry the hair upside down to avoid stringy hair
  • Choose the right shampoo and conditioner to keep this problem away:
    • If your hair is fine or oily hair, it is particularly important to find a conditioner and shampoo designed specifically for this hair type. The solution is looking for shampoos and conditioners formulated for stringy and oily hair that is free of parabens and sulfates. A shampoo rich in vitamins is also worth adding to your hair care routine. If you use hair extensions, you should also choose the best shampoo for hair extensions to make your hair always shiny.
    • If you use a conditioner designed for coarser hair, it may weigh your hair down and cause the hair to be stringy. Shampoo and conditioner labeled as moisturizing or hydrating are frequently for thicker hair, so read labels thoroughly.
Use conditioner and shampoo designed for fine or oily hair
If your hair is fine or oily hair, use a conditioner and shampoo designed specifically for this hair type
  • Using hair conditioner in the right way: While conditioner is great for nourishing your hair, applying it to hair roots can result in stringy and fibrous hair. Doing so only once may not cause your hair to become stringy. If you do this repeatedly, your roots will separate and become increasingly greasy, resulting in stringiness. So, remember it’s best to only apply conditioner at the ends of your hair, where it needs to be moisturized the most.
  • Keep away plastic combs: Plastic combs may appear innocent, but it is a foe to your hair. Plastic doesn’t conduct electricity, so it can make your hair stand up or look frizzy, especially on winter days. In this case, a wooden or metal comb is the best choice to deal with this problem
  • Keep a distance from heat styling tools: Curling irons and straighteners can bring a stunning look to your hair, but they are surely not the best friend of your hair. High heat can damage hair and make it more prone to become stringy. Therefore, only use heat-styling tools when needed. In cases where it is imperative to use heat-styling tools, heat protectants are indispensable.
Heat protectants are indispensable when using heat-styling tools
Heat protectants are indispensable when using heat-styling tools
  • Use silk pillowcase instead of cotton pillow:
    • Cotton is an absorbent of sweat and oil, so it can absorb all the oil from your hair, causing it to dry and frizzy. Moreover, cotton clings to the hair strands, making it easy to tangle, causing damage to the hair. Cotton pillows, along with a number of other causes combined to make your hair become stringy.
    • Meanwhile, the silk pillow gives your hair easier movement and doesn’t make your hair frizzy. Immediately replace cotton pillowcases with silk pillowcases to prevent your hair from being stringy.
Use silk pillowcase instead of cotton pillow
Use silk pillowcase instead of cotton pillow

With the tips above, you can keep this annoying problem at bay. But remember to take enough steps and follow in the long process. If you only follow for a short time, it is very likely that this issue will return to you soon.


3. Hair extensions – Instant solution for your stringy hair

If you find it too difficult to deal with stringy hair or need an immediate solution for your stringy hair, hair extensions are the top choice. Hair extensions are a quick, convenient and extremely easy-to-use solution. They are available in every style and color you desire to achieve the most natural and impressive hair.

Hair extensions can give you a major confidence boost, especially if you have been self-conscious about your hair. However, for the finest experience, it is critical to utilize high-quality hair extensions. And Vin Hair Vendor is one of the major hair providers you should not ignore.

  • High quality hair: Vin Hair Vendor’s hair extensions are made from 100% human raw hair that is sourced from ethical suppliers. The hair is Remy hair, which makes it soft, manageable, and less likely to tangle.
  • Wide selection: Vin Hair Vendor offers a wide variety of hair extensions to choose from, including bulk hair, weft hair, wigs, clip-ins, tape-ins, sew-ins, and fusion extensions. They also offer a variety of hair colors, lengths, and styles.
  • Competitive prices: Vin Hair Vendor offers competitive prices on their hair extensions. They also offer discounts for bulk orders.
  • Excellent customer service: Vin Hair Vendor has a team of experienced customer service representatives who are available to answer your questions and help you with your order.
Vin Hair offers high quality raw virgin human hair extensions
Vin Hair offers high quality raw virgin human hair extensions

If you’re looking for the best supplier for hair extensions, Vin Hair Vendor is the perfect choice. With their high-quality hair, wide selection, competitive prices, and excellent customer service, you’re sure to be happy with your purchase.

With this article, we hope you have had a comprehensive view of the causes of stringy hair and found a solution for your hair. By implementing our suggestions, stringy hair will no longer be a worry and you will always be confident!

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