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Top Places To Buy High Quality Raw Hair In The World


Raw hair is bringing great profits to many hair traders in the world nowadays. Read this blog for the top address to buy the best quality raw hair. 

Raw hair is the most sought after hair type in the market which attracts the attention of numerous hair enthusiasts and hair wholesalers around the world for its exceptional quality. To buy authentic and high quality raw hair, keep reading this blog for some tips and recommendations.

1. Definition of raw hair

In its most basic definition, “raw hair” refers to hair cut from donors that has not been treated with any chemicals or heat tools ( hair that has not been colored, or styled like straightening or curling). In other words, it simply refers to human hair that is of the highest quality.

Raw hair
Raw hair of Vin Hair

2. The demand for raw hair on the market today

Raw hair has always been loved by hair wholesalers and retailers all over the world because it has high quality and brings a lot of profit and potential for the hair industry. They always want to have high-quality raw human hair in their stock.

  • Hair businesses are especially attracted by this hair type because of its naturalness and unprocessed chemicals. They can buy it and dye or style it to their liking or based on customer demand.
  • Many middle-class women in Europe and Russia spend hundreds of dollars a month buying wigs. Therefore, hair distributors here often buy raw hair to make wigs, helping them save a lot of input costs compared to ready-made wigs. They can make a double profit for every wig sold.
  • Moreover, the cost of importing raw human hair materials and related costs or taxes is also cheaper than finished products, so this hair type is especially popular.

Because the market’s demand for raw human hair is always high, as long as you have a good source of hair extensions, customers are ready to pay for you.

The demand for raw hair extensions on the market today
The demand for raw hair extensions on the market today

3. Raw hair products bring the most economic profit

Let’s take a look at some popular products made from raw hair that are loved by customers in this section.

After being collected, the hair will be bundled together into hair bundles, called hair bundles or hair bulk. Usually, hair bundles range in length from 8 to 32 inches and weigh 3.5 ounces on average (100 grams). This is the raw hair product that most businesses in the world buy a lot. Buying these hair bulk bundles will help hair distributors and retailers save on import taxes and related costs. They can also save on processing costs by making hair extension products and can sell them 2-3 times to customers.

Hair bulk bundles
Hair bulk bundles

Simply put, a hair weft is a collection of hair strands that have been sewn onto a very thin fabric strip and are ready to be installed by your stylist. Many people who have thin, sparse hair choose weft hair since it is a safe and adaptable solution to having thick and long hair without causing any damage to the real hair.

  • Hair weft is a very popular raw hair product in Africa. Because African people’s hair is short, thin, and curly, it is difficult for them to create hairstyles. Therefore weft hair is the most popular and fastest choice for them to get thick, long, or stylish hair.
  • The people here are also very willing to spend on hair extension products, they like to change their hairstyle. On average, a woman changes her hairstyle 6-8 times a year. Hair distributors and wholesalers in these countries can also buy hair weft to make hair wigs and sell them at a higher price to customers. They can make a profit 8-10 times per year from the hair weft business.

Weft hair made from high-quality raw hair is not only loved in the African market but also in many other markets around the world, bringing the potential to the hair industry.

Weft hair
Weft hair

Europe is a big market for these products. Europeans are on the lookout for products to add more bounce and fullness to their hair, and they find clip-in hair, tape-in hair and tip-in made from raw hair are great choices. Customers for the hair market in Europe are mainly high-end customers, so they are willing to pay for their hair products. If you do hair business here, then 10 times profit per year from these products is possible.

Tape in hair, clip in hair, tip hair
Tape in hair, clip in hair, tip hair – The popular product in European market

4. Distinguish raw hair and virgin hair

Some people are confused about raw and virgin hair so we made a comparison table based on the criteria: origin , processing and features to compare raw vs virgin hair:

Raw hairVirgin hair
OriginItI is pure hair obtained from many hair donors (hair has a high degree of similarity in quality)Virgin hair is hair taken from one hair donor
ProcessingIt has never undergone chemical processing, heating, or steaming. After collecting, it is cleaned and then sold to the customer in the form of wigs, wefts, tips, tape-ins, clip-ins, and other hair productsVirgin hair is collected and made by steam process and aligns the cuticles to create a more uniform texture.
FeaturesThe texture of this hair is not as uniform as virgin hair however the quality of raw human hair is more appreciated because it is 100% pure natural hair, not chemically processed, so it is very healthy.Virgin hair is usually smooth, and strong, since virgin is hair taken from one person, the texture is even. When dyed, the hair is uniformly colored and can be bleached up to 613 color tones. High-quality virgin hair is often rare and more expensive.

Depending on your needs, you can choose raw or virgin hair. But real virgin hair on the market today is hard to find, most of them are Remy hair. So if you want to buy virgin hair, you need to research carefully and choose reputable hair suppliers.

Distinguish raw and virgin hair
Distinguish raw and virgin hair
Virgin hair is uniformly colored and can be bleached up to 613 color tones
Virgin hair is uniformly colored and can be bleached up to 613 color tones

5. Main countries that provide raw hair to the hair market

Areas with abundant raw hair are usually concentrated in Southeast Asian countries, China and India. These are countries with abundant hair materials or hair factories with high technology to process hair.

5.1. Southeast Asian countries

Raw human hair and other hair products from Southeast Asian countries are well-known for their superior quality and reasonable pricing.

5.1.1 Features of raw hair from Southeast Asian countries

Raw hair from Southeast Asian countries is famous for its clear origin, outstanding features, high quality and reasonable price:

  • Origin: the hair quality is assured by only using hair collected directly from healthy women, the cuticles are still intact and the hair has not been chemically treated.
  • Quality: high-quality hair, highlighted by thickness and silkiness. Customers from all over the world, including those in Africa, Europe, Russia, and the United States, purchase their hair and other hair extension products because of their high quality and clear origin.
  • Price: The price from wholesale hair factory in these countries is not cheap, it belongs to the average segment in the world. But with such high quality, the price is considered very reasonable and competitive.

It’s often well known that “price generally accompanies quality.” Raw hair from Southeast Asian countries is a great choice for anybody in search of a reliable hair source where raw hair can be bought at an attractive price.

Raw hair from Southeast Asian countries
Southeast Asian countries – Countries that provide high-quality raw hair

5.1.2. Pros of buying raw hair from Southeast Asian countries

Purchasing hair from Southeast Asian nations is a fantastic deal since you can bet on getting high-quality hair at a reasonable cost with no risk:

  • As a result of not having to import hair from other countries and taking advantage of the plentiful high-quality hair supplier, which lowers the cost of initial processing and handling, and benefiting from cheap labor, hair vendors in Southeast Asian countries can offer competitive prices for high-quality raw hair. When purchasing from these nations, you will get a lot better quality than when purchasing hair from other nations for the same price.
  • Political stability in these nations makes shipping goods less of a hassle. There will be no delivery issues, delays, or complications with customs clearance.

With all of these positives, it’s easy to see why buying raw Southeast Asian hair is a great option for your company. This hair has successfully penetrated the bulk of international markets, even very selective ones like Europe. However, large orders will take a little longer than in China and India due to the strict and meticulous production process and not a lot of goods in stock.

5.2. China

China is the world’s first hair market and has become famous for its large-scale and abundant raw hair production at cheap prices.

5.2.1. Features of raw hair from China

Raw Chinese hair has raw materials from many countries, has many quality and price segments:

  • Origin: Chinese hair manufacturers import raw materials from many countries like Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Laos…
  • Quality: Raw Chinese hair and other products are difficult to evaluate for quality with so many hair sources being gathered. Therefore, raw Chinese hair is difficult to satisfy the standards of international buyers.
  • Price: Because of the scale advantages that come with fully automated production, they are able to provide very reasonable prices for their raw China hair.
  • Reviews: When looking for raw Chinese hair reviews, you will see most customers are satisfied with the delivery service and customer care service of raw China hair suppliers. They agreed that China can be one of the top wholesale raw hair vendors. However, The quality they evaluate depends on the supplier you buy then you should know how to choose the right hair vendor in China. But overall it’s quite reasonable given the quality. Some customers complain about the quality of their hair, they say their hair is mixed with synthetic hair, and some customers say that they were scammed by scam hair suppliers

With a greater abundance and cheap prices, raw Chinese hair is a great option for consumers shopping for hair extensions on the cheap.

Chinese hair
Chinese hair

5.2.2. Pros of buying raw hair from China

Buying raw Chinese hair gives you a variety of options, competitive prices and many segments. Moreover, hair factories in China can fulfill large orders in a short time:

  • Thanks to modern machinery and technology, Chinese hair factories offer a wide range of eye-catching and gorgeous hair products.
  • Because raw Chinese hair is sourced from many places, the price is also quite segmented but overall it is very competitive. A bundle of raw Chinese hair starts at around 8 USD.
  • Thanks to China’s well-developed infrastructure, including its transportation and logistics systems, hair can be shipped promptly and safely. Modern equipment and workforce help them to fulfill bulk requests quickly.

Importing hair from China is suitable for businesses that need a large amount of hair in a short time at competitive prices. However, because Chinese hair factories import hair from many sources, the quality is unstable and many chemicals are used in the processing, so the hair is not durable.

5.3. India

If you’re looking for a destination to buy hair, India is one of the biggest markets in the world. Their raw hair is a best-seller because of how cheaply priced it is.

5.3.1. Features of raw hair from India

Raw Indian hair is mainly derived from Temple hair, its quality is not appreciated, so it is very cheap:

  • Origin: In India, there are a lot of places to get raw human hair. And the raw hair supply comes mainly from the temples, known as “temple hair.” In addition, hairballs (hair mixed from many sources) serve as a secondary supply for the Indian hair business.
  • Quality: The hair quality of raw Indian hair is not appreciated because the origin is not clear and the production process is still poor.
  • Price: Compared to hair from the above countries, raw Indian hair has a much lower price but you should also remember that “price goes hand in hand with quality”.
  • Reviews: In terms of price, there is probably no other hair type in other countries that can be cheaper than Indian hair. Regarding the quality of raw hair, there are also mixed opinions. But in general, customers evaluate that raw Indian hair can only be used for a short time, difficult to color and style. According to raw Indian hair reviews, customers also give a lot of praise to the delivery service and customer care of Indian hair suppliers. Fast delivery and preparation time, large quantities are always available and there are always many special offers.

Customers who want to buy raw human hair at a low price can choose Indian hair, as long as they can find products that meet and suit their needs.

Indian raw hair
Indian raw hair

5.3.2. Pros of buying raw hair from India

Buying raw Indian hair gives you abundant supply at the lowest price in the hair market:

  • Indian hair wholesalers can quickly fill large orders since their country is among those with an abundance of hair.
  • India’s plentiful raw materials and low labor costs help wholesale hair merchants to provide raw hair at the lowest price in the industry. The price for a bundle of non-Remy hair is around $5-$6.

Although there are cost and supply advantages when buying raw Indian hair, the quality of the raw materials is controversial due to the diversity of hair sources. In general, the hair sold by these distributors is low priced and meets the needs of Chinese importers.

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6. Tips to find a reliable raw hair manufacturer

All the things you need to think about and keep in mind while searching for a reliable raw hair manufacturer are to compile a list, choose the most potential manufacturers, look for reviews, visit, and connect with them:

  • Compile a list of all the potential raw human hair manufacturers: To get as many suggestions for reliable hair manufacturers as possible, you can use the internet and your connections. Reputable hair manufacturers will be transparent in: company background, product catalogs, prices, shipping details, and reviews from previous customers.
  • Choose the most potential raw hair manufacturers: You may get in touch with many manufacturers at once, compare their costs, and choose the manufacturer that offers the greatest deal and the highest-quality goods. A reputable raw human hair manufacturer will have the knowledge and expertise and always be delighted to answer your questions.
  • Narrow down your list of potential raw human hair manufacturers: Looking for raw hair reviews on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter might help you make a more informed decision to narrow down your list of potential hair manufacturers.
  • In order to verify your findings and assumptions about the hair manufacturers, you should reach out to, visit, and connect with these hair manufacturers.

If you follow the aforementioned steps, you will easily find a reliable hair manufacturer for your company.

How to find a reliable hair manufacturer
How to find a reliable hair manufacturer

7. Top list of the best raw hair vendors in the world

To help you save time and avoid unnecessary risks, we have listed some reputable raw human hair manufacturers whose goods are praised by customers around the world.

7.1. Vin Hair Vendor

Vin Hair Vendor is an internationally well-known and trustworthy brand in the hair market. Vin Hair opened its doors in 2008, and the company has been in business for 14 years.

  • Hair source: high quality raw Vietnamese hair collected directly from Vietnamese women.
  • Products: a wide selection of products: hair bundles, hair wigs, tape in, clip in….in numerous choices of lengths, textures and colors.
  • Quality: They provide stylists, salon owners, store owners, and internet vendors all around the globe with high-quality raw hair & high – quality services.
  • Price: The hair products sold by Vin Hair Vendor are really competitive in comparison to those sold by other hair vendors in Vietnam.
  • Shipping: Thanks to the factory’s accessibility and the technology of mass manufacturing in huge numbers, shipping and delivery times are very rapid. Products are always available.
  • Customer reviews: They receive a lot of compliments about the delivery service and customer care, large quantity of quick responses.
Vin Hair Vendor - One of the best hair vendors in Vietnam
Vin Hair Vendor – One of the best hair vendors in Vietnam

7.2. UNice Hair

In 2007, UNice Hair was established in Xuchang, China, and since then, the company has grown to become a global leader in the hair industry.

  • Products: Unice is well renowned for providing 100% human hair products, and is widely regarded as one of Raw Hair Vendors. To ensure that they can meet the demands of our diverse clientele, they have a broad range of colors and lengths of hand-made lace and hair.
  • Price: Their raw Chinese hair is a bit pricey, but the quality is excellent. 94.1 USD for 10 inch Hair Bundles Brazilian Human Weaves Virgin Straight 3 Bundles.
  • Service: return policy within 30 days (only for US)
  • Rreviews: Most customers are satisfied with the quality and the price.

Among the many Chinese hair vendors, UNice Hair Factory stands out for its high quality and excellent customer service.

UNice Hair – One of the most popular raw Chinese hair vendors

7.3. Mic Hair

Mic Hair is well recognized as a premier Vietnamese hair supplier and a top distributor of wholesale Asian human raw hair.

  • Products: raw human hair bundles, bulk hair, closures, frontals, and hair extensions…
  • Price: It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it. Prices per bundle start at $7.70
  • Service: return within 30 days.
  • Reviews: Most customers are satisfied with the product quality, however the waiting time for large orders is quite long

If you’re looking for a Vietnamese hair manufacturer with the highest quality unprocessed hair and the greatest customer service, go to Mic Hair.

Mic Hair
Mic Hair – One of the most popular raw Vietnamese hair suppliers

7.4. Apsara Cambodian Hair

If you’re looking for a broad variety of raw hair extension products, Cambodian hair is a fantastic choice.

  • Products: There are a wide variety of hair types and styles available.
  • High quality: 100% Cambodian hair. The hair extension’s maximum length is just 28 inches.
  • Price: quite expensive but the quality is excellent
  • Customer reviews: There have been a few complaints regarding the customer service, but many compliments on the quality of the hair.

If you’re looking to purchase raw Cambodian hair, Apsara Cambodian Hair is a good option to consider.

Apsara Cambodian Hair
Apsara Cambodian Hair- the best raw Cambodian hair provider

7.5. Indian Mermaid Hair Extension

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension was among the first to respond to the growing popularity of internet shopping by offering its products there.In addition, much care and thought went into designing their website so that customers may make quick and easy transactions.

  • Product: raw bulk hair, including full lace, HD lace, and closure wigs…
  • Price: Raw hair from this business is a little more expensive than average due to their special processing procedure.
  • Reviews: The majority of customers are happy with the quality of the items they get and also the service. A a small number of people aren’t happy with the delivery time.

If you want a completely natural and perfect hair extension, raw Indian hair from Indian Mermaid Hair Extensions is the way to go. We hope that you have found this information to be helpful in your search for the best quality hair for yourself.

Indian Mermaid Hair Extension
Indian Mermaid Hair Extension – the best raw Indian hair supplier

With the reasons mentioned above, raw hair is the best quality hair in the market. And SouthEast Asian hair suppliers, especially Vietnamese hair suppliers, are the best place to buy this hair type. Vin Hair proud to supply the best quality pure unprocessed human hair, contact Vin Hair now through WhatsApp (+84)362123222 for the best deals!

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