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High Quality Wholesale Human Hair Extensions In The World


This article will provide more information about wholesale human hair extensions in the world if you are looking for high-quality wholesale products.

Vietnam, India and China are the most renowned countries for providing wholesale human hair extensions. Continue reading for information about human hair wholesale in each region and the best suppliers to buy human hair.

1. Some things you need to know about wholesale human hair extensions

Before purchasing human hair extensions in bulk, there are several factors to consider, including the raw materials and varieties.

1.1. Raw materials to make wholesale human hair extensions

Particularly, human hair can be classified into numerous categories based on its origin and hair treatment. There is remy, non-remy hair, raw hair and virgin hair.

  • Virgin hair: sourced from only one donor and the hair hasn’t been chemically processed.
  • Raw hair: collected from multiple donors and the hair hasn’t been treated in any way. This is the purest form of wholesale human hair extensions and is ideal for clients seeking unprocessed and high-quality hair.
  • Remy hair: collected from two to three donors with aligned cuticles (cuticles moving in the same direction)
  • Non-remy hair, meanwhile, is sourced from multiple hair donors, with not aligned cuticles. This is the cheapest and poorest quality hair.

As a result, it is evident that each variety of material possesses unique qualities and will satisfy varying customer requirements.

1.2. Varieties of wholesale human hair extensions products

There are three primary categories of human hair extension products: bulk hair, weft hair and extensions such as clip-ins, tip-ins and tape-ins.

  • Bulk hair is hair bundled into bundles. “Bulk” alludes to the packaging of the hair, which is in bundles without clips or wefts attached.
  • Hair weft: A hair type that is created into a thin cloth. Creating a complete wig needs bundles of hair weft and a frontal or closure. Purchasing hair weave bundles and a frontal (or closure) will be considerably less expensive than purchasing a complete wig.
  • Tape-ins, clip-ins and tip-ins hair extensions: are hair bundles with clips, tapes and tips at the top to attach to natural hair. These wholesale human hair extensions products will assist you in achieving fuller hair.

Each type of hair extensions will meet the requirements of various clients in the world. Generally, African and Latino customers prefer hair weft because it adds both length and volume to their own hair. Meanwhile, European clients prefer tip-ins, clip-ins and tape-ins because they help their hair appear fuller and more buoyant.

2. Wholesale human hair extensions in the world

China, Vietnam and India are the most well-known countries in the world for selling. While China is famous for providing large quantities and various choices of wholesale human hair extension products, Vietnam is renowned for superior quality human hair, and Indian hair extensions are in demand due to their affordable prices.

2.1. Wholesale human hair extensions from China

Chinese human hair extensions are renowned for their exquisite and varied designs, but its quality is still a matter of debate.

  • Hair origin: Hair suppliers in China provide human hair extension wholesale which are made of hair from many other countries like Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, and India, among others. It is because the raw hair supply in China is insufficient to satisfy the annual production requirements of thousands of tonnes of hair factories here.
  • Quality of hair: Due to a variety of hair material sources, Chinese wholesale human hair extensions’ quality is inconsistent and controversial. Numerous factories import Indian hairballs ( or Indian non-remy hair, resulting in inferior product quality. In addition, they prefer to process hair with chemicals, resulting in weak and easy-to-tangle hair.
  • Range of products: Customers who purchase wholesale hair extensions from China will have access to a wide range of styles, lengths and colors which can meet any requirement and suit any occasion. China is well-known for numerous choices of beautiful hair wigs.
  • Pricing: Modern equipment and technology enable Chinese hair factories in mass production of human hair extensions wholesale, placing them in the low-to-medium price segment in the global hair market.

In general, wholesale Chinese human hair can be the best option if you want to purchase wholesale hair products quickly and affordably. Nevertheless, if you own a hair business and desire superior-quality hair to enhance your credibility with clients, this may not be the best option.

2.2. Wholesale human hair extensions from Vietnam

Human hair from Vietnam have been renowned on the international hair market for years for their superior quality and reasonable prices. Vietnamese hair suppliers is renowned for supplying the best quality human hair extensions  in the world hair market.

  • Origin of hair: Vietnamese human hair extensions in Vietnam are composed of 100% Vietnam Remy hair that is sourced directly from Vietnamese people. Vietnamese women favor cultivating long hair, resulting in the abundant hair supply. When purchasing wholesale human hair extensions from Vietnam, customers have no reason to be concerned about hair of unknown origin.
  • Quality of hair: Customers worldwide are drawn to the gorgeous appearance, flexibility, and longevity of Vietnamese human hair extensions. Vietnamese human hair is naturally beautiful, and thanks to the Vietnamese hair care regimen with herbs, it becomes healthier, shinier, silkier and softer. With Vietnamese wholesale human hair extension products, clients can dye any hue and create any style and the hair can last for a long time. (up to years with proper maintenance.
  • Range of products: Vietnam hair factories are well-known for supplying high quality raw hair extensions. There are many texture, length and color options available when purchasing Vietnamese wholesale human hair products. Nevertheless, wig designs are limited, and the majority of Vietnamese hair factories produce wigs on demand.
  • Pricing: Vietnamese wholesale human hair extensions are affordably priced due to their superior quality. When purchasing human hair extensions wholesale from Vietnam as opposed to other countries, customers will receive superior quality at the same cost.

Vietnamese human hair extension wholesale products are the most profitable and reputable options for hair sellers or wholesalers around the globe.

Vietnamese hair extensions are of high quality
Vietnamese hair extensions are of high quality

2.3. Wholesale human hair extensions from India

Due to low prices, Indian human hair products are one of the most popular human hair products on the global hair market, alongside those from China and Vietnam.

  • Origin of hair: Hairballs and temple hair are the two categories of raw materials used to manufacture Indian wholesale human hair extension products. Temple hair is of better quality because it is hair cut directly from donors, while hairballs are hair trash gathered from public areas, floors, and canals.
  • Quality of hair: The materials used determine the Indian human hair extensions’ quality. While temple hair has better quality and is dyed or styled, hairballs (non-remy hair) is of inferior quality due to missing or misaligned cuticles. Products containing hairballs rapidly become dry, tangled, and shedding.
  • Range of products: because of the primitive technology and machinery of Indian hair factories, there are few design options available when purchasing wholesale human hair extensions from India.
  • Pricing: Because hairballs and temple hair are collected for free or low cost in India, the Indian human hair’ price falls within a low price segment of the global hair market.

If you’re a hair wholesaler with a limited budget looking for products, importing human hair extensions in bulk from India are suitable options.

3. Tips to determine the wholesale human hair extensions’ quality

Follow these guidelines to ascertain the hair quality when purchasing human hair extensions in large quantities:

  • Grade checking: to determine the grade of hair, you can touch the bundles or by observing. You can stroke the bundle from top to bottom to determine the point where the bundle begins to thin. If the hair bundle starts to thin in the middle, it’s single drawn, if it starts to thin out at the tail, it’s double drawn, and if it doesn’t thin or thin out very little, it’s super double drawn.
  • While holding hair bundles by the crown, insert the other hand underneath the ends and draw them up to the roots. Then, release the hair after generating minimal friction with your palms. Using your fingertips, traverse the hairs. Your fingers should glide effortlessly through the tresses. The more that hair tangles and entangles, the lower its quality.
  • Tangling and shedding test: Though it is normal for human hair extensions to tangle or shed just like natural human hair, excessive shedding is still a sign of low-quality wholesale human hair extensions. Use your fingertips or a brush to comb the hair; if it feels smooth, separates easily, and minimally sheds, it is of high quality. Nevertheless, if your fingertips get stuck and your fingers become covered in stray hairs, the hairs are of low quality.
  • Color Test: When purchasing coloured or dyed human hair extensions wholesale, a color test is performed. Swipe the hair vigorously top to down the bundle; if any color sticks to your hands, the hair is of poor quality.

Follow these tips above to check the quality of hair and this will worth your investment.

3. Recommendations for premium wholesale human hair extensions

Below are top recommendations for purchasing premium human hair extensions wholesale.

3.1. Vin Hair Vendor

If you’re a discerning client who hasn’t yet discovered the ideal hair wholesaler to serve as your ongoing business partner, consider Vin Hair Vendor. It can be your best choice. Vin Hair Factory is among the largest and most prominent wholesale hair suppliers in Vietnam for wholesale human hair extensions. We are capable of producing hair products on our own with a large factory, which enables us to ensure large quantities, steady high quality hair, and affordable wholesale prices.

Vin Hair Vendor has a factory to produce numerous choices of hair
Vin Hair Vendor has a factory to produce numerous choices of hair

Vin Hair Factory provides a variety of hair product options, spanning from straight to curly textures, dark to vibrant colors, and from 6″ to 32″ in length. Contact Ms. Ella – Sales manager of VIN HAIR FACTORY to get the best prices through WhatsApp +84362123222. Vin Hair has consumers from all over the world. All of the customers are satisfied with high quality hair and excellent customer service of Vin Hair Vendor.

Vin Hair has loyal customers from all over the world
Vin Hair has loyal customers from all over the world

3.2. My Hair

My Hair is among your best options if you’re searching for a reputable Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier that can meet your requirements on hair quality.

  • My Hair has over 30 years of experience in the international hair market. This company has utilized this knowledge to develop a production method that enables them to offer high-quality wholesale human hair extensions at low prices.
  • They supply numerous choices of hair products including bulk hair, wefts, tape ins, tip ins,.. except for wigs.
  • The price is reasonable. 8-inch natural straight hair costs from $90 per kg.
  • Acceptable return and exchange policies exist.

Thanks to their high quality and affordable prices, My Hair is considered among the best hair wholesalers in Vietnam for those seeking high-quality human hair extensions wholesale.

3.3. Ted Hair

Since its establishment many years ago, Ted Hair has dominated both international and Chinese hair industries. It is recognized as among the best human hair vendors wholesale in the world.

  • Ted Hair provides a vast array of wholesale human hair extensions, including hair bulk, weft, hair wigs, tip-ins, clip-ins, and tape ins. Their hair wigs are renowned worldwide for their vast array of intricate patterns.
  • Price: Compared to other Chinese hair manufacturers, Ted Hair’s products are among the most expensive.

Ted Hair, thanks to their large hair factory, distributes a substantial quantity of hair products to the international hair market annually. This company is a reputable option if you are in need of human hair extensions in large quanitites.

3.4. SGI Hair

SGI Hair is considered the most renowned hair supplier in India which was founded in 2008 and since then established a strong reputation in the global hair market.

  • They supply hair weft from Temple hair as their main product.
  • Price: Although SGI Hair’s wholesale human hair is more expensive than those from other Indian hair wholesalers, they’re among the cheapest in the world hair market.

SGI Hair may be the best option for you if you place a high value on affordable prices and have little regard for quality.

If you want to buy wholesale human hair extensions, Vietnam, China and India are the best places to buy. While Vietnam is famous for high quality hair, China and India are well-known for cheap hair. For those looking for premium hair, Vin Hair from Vietnam is a must-go. Contact Vin Hair now to get the best deals!

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