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Checking Naija Beauty Hair Reviews Before Ordering


This article will discover all the information about Naija Beauty Hair reviews to help you decide whether this is a vendor worth working with or not.

In Nigeria, it is very difficult to find a hair supplier. Naija Hair is one of the reputable hair distributors providing high-quality products. But now, we should check Naija Beauty Hair reviews before making orders.

1. Overview of Naija Beauty Hair

Naija Hair Factory is a local hair company in Nigeria, specializing in selling hair wigs to the people here. Naija is an acronym for Nigerian, not only because it is a local wig brand, but also shows the determination of the companies to change the chaos of many poor quality hair products being imported into Nigeria.

Naija Hair Factory is considered among the best hair factories in Nigeria thanks to high quality hair and great customer service. This is the most reliable Nigerian hair factory for customers in Nigeria and other African countries to buy from. Established in 2015, after 7 years of establishment and development, Naija Hair’s mission is to bring women the best quality hair and customer service. So when reading Naija Beauty Hair reviews, we should consider their products, quality and service in the following sections.

About Naija Hair - company overview
About Naija Hair – company overview

2. Naija Beauty Hair reviews about their products

In this section, we will go into detail about hair products from Naija Hair such as product range, hair quality, and hair price.

2.1. Reviews about product range

Naija Hair Factory primarily offers a range of wigs, closures, and frontals as their main products.

  • Hair source: They source their hair from various countries in Asia, where there is an abundant supply of high-quality hair. The specific countries of origin may vary, but the aim is to provide customers with hair extensions that meet their quality standards.
  • Hair color: Due to Naija Beauty Hair reviews, they offer hair products in different colors and lengths such as: black, brown, red, blonde,…
  • Hair style: Hair styles from Naija Hair include straight, wavy, and curly wigs Naija Hair’s main clients are Nigerian women who love hair wigs and use them to create stunning looks. However, for customers who want to buy other hairstyles than hair wigs, perhaps Naija hair is not the best choice.

It’s important to note that you should read clearly Naija Hair Factory reviews and visit their official website or contact their customer support for more detailed information about their product offerings.

Products range from Naija Hair Factory
Products range from Naija Hair Factory

2.2. Reviews about hair quality

Hair products that come from Naija factory are appreciated for their excellent quality because they have a guaranteed source of quality ingredients. Quality hair wigs from Naija Hair Factory are appreciated for their excellent quality. Naija Hair Factory selects and imports raw hair directly from reputable sources in Asian countries. Asian hair is known for its excellent quality, chemical-free, and heat and steam treatment. So the hair stays cuticles aligned and has a long durability.

Feedback from customers about the quality of hair
Feedback from customers about the quality of hair

Vin Hair is indeed one of the prominent hair suppliers in Asia supplying hair to Naija Hair Factory. They have established themselves as a significant player in the hair industry, providing a wide range of high-quality hair extensions to clients worldwide. Vin Hair offers an extensive selection of hair textures, lengths, colors, and attachment methods to cater to different preferences and requirements

Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor
Some of the main products from Vin Hair vendor

Vin Hair maintains strict quality control measures throughout the production process to ensure that their hair extensions meet international standards. With their strong presence and reputation in the industry, Vin Hair continues to serve as a reliable supplier of high-quality hair extensions, contributing to the success of businesses in the hair industry globally.


2.3. Reviews about hair prices

Compared with hair distributors in Nigeria, Naija Hair Factory has a slightly higher price than the average. Hair price due to Naija Beauty Hair reviews:

  • Frontal wigs: starting from $129
  • 4×4 Lace closure wigs: starting from $98.35
  • Double Bob wig: $66.88
  • 4×4 Raw straight human hair wig: $89.17

Along with excellent hair quality, buying hair from Naija factory can be a totally worth-the-money choice. Naija has 2 physical stores in Lagos, Nigeria, making it convenient for shopping. However, if you want to buy more affordable hair products, you can consider importing hair from hair factories in Asian countries, where the raw materials are directly sourced and cheaper.

Main products and hair price from Naija Beauty hair
Main products and hair price from Naija Beauty hair

3. Naija Beauty Hair reviews: policy and service

Policy and service is one of the important factors if you are considering buying hair wigs from Naija Hair Factory:

3.1. Reviews about customer service

With the mission of bringing beauty to Nigerian females and customers around the world, Naija Hair Factory brings dedication to customer service:

  • Website: Customers can easily access the company’s website, search for product information as well as receive direct advice through the hotline attached to the page. Their  sales team will support you 24/7 and give you the best advice
  • Pre-sales: If you have any questions about the quality and price of the product, the staff of Naija factory will enthusiastically help you. They have a lot of experience and can help you choose the best hair wig for you. Not only that, Naija Hair has 2 stores in Lagos, Nigeria. You can receive direct advice as well as see the products on sale with your own eyes.
  • After pre-sales: They keep in touch with customers, follow shipping time and guide customers to use and preserve the best products
Positive feedback from clients about customer service
Positive feedback from clients about customer service

However, for online consultation, Naija Hair received a lot of negative feedback because of the problem of replying to emails slowly, handling problems related to product errors, and shipping the wrong goods.

Negative feedback from clients
Negative feedback from clients

3.2. Reviews about payment

Naija Hair Factory operates 2 sales methods, direct and online, so you can go to the store in Lagos or shop through the website with the help of a consultant. For direct customers, you can use cash or transfer to a local bank account. For overseas customers, Naija accepts payment via Mastercard, Paypal, Western Union, etc. You should carefully check Naija Beauty Hair reviews as well as your order if you choose any payment method.

3.3. Reviews about shipping

After you complete the order and successfully transfer the money, Naija Hair Factory will send you an SMS and email to confirm the order. For orders in Lagos, they will use DHL/GIG and it will take 2-3 days to receive hair products. Overseas customers will receive the hair wig in 7-10 days depending on the location of each country.

Naija Hair uses DHL/FedEx for international shipping orders. Moreover, you should be aware of shipping payment and tracking orders if you want to buy from Naija factory. Due to Naija Beauty Hair reviews, they also receive bad feedback about their shipping. Some of the customers claim that they have difficulty tracking their orders and receive hair products later than usual.

You can order from the website or buy directly in-store
You can order from the website or buy directly in-store

3.4. Reviews about return policy

Following Naija Beauty Hair reviews, with defective production orders, missing deliveries, or mistakes from employees, Naija Hair accepts returns within 14 days from the date of receipt with the condition that the goods are intact, and unaffected by customers. You should record an unboxing video or take a photo of the condition of the goods as proof in case the order has problems

4. Should buy hair products after reading Naija Hair Factory reviews

It can be said that based on Naija Beauty Hair reviews, this is a prestigious address for those who want to change their appearance by using a hair wig. Not only that, customers can directly experience the product through directly visiting Naija Hair’s main store in Lagos, Nigeria. However, if you want to buy a variety of hair types, clear origin, and more reasonable prices, you can consider Southeast Asian countries – which are known for high-quality hair and reasonable prices.

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