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Top 10 Hair Suppliers In China For Your Business


Among numerous hair suppliers in China, choosing a reliable and suitable one is not easy. This blog will help with the top 10 Chinese hair suppliers updated.

Chinese hair industry is the leading in the world. The amount of Chinese hair exported to the world reach $8.9M by 2023 (OEC.world), ranking third in the world market, after India and Indonesia. With this development, it is not surprising that the number of hair vendors in China is increasing, making it more difficult to choose a reputable supplier as a long-term partner.

This article will give you deep knowledge about hair suppliers in China and help you choose the best one to meet your needs.

1. What to know about hair suppliers in China

China hair suppliers have always attracted a lot of interest and curiosity from many people all over the world. So let’s see what makes them popular in the first part.

Hair vendors in China
Hair vendors in China

1.1. Market share in the world hair market

Is Chinese hair popular in the world? It’s not surprising to say that Chinese hair is the most popular hair type in the world. Hair from hair supplier in China accounts for 30% of the supply of the world’s hair market. China is home to the most modern hair factories in the world. They are widely renowned for producing a large quantity of hair at cheap prices.

1.2. Features of hair suppliers in China

Here are some things you must know about China hair vendors, including the production scale, hair origin, hair quality and price of hair supplied by them:

  • Production scale: Chinese hair vendors are mainly in large scale with large factories and thousands of workers. They can supply hair in bulk and always have large quantities of hair available in stock.
  • Origin of hair: hair supplied by Chinese hair vendors is sourced from other countries like India, Cambodia, Malaysia, Pakistan,…because of the shortage of domestic hair supply.
  • Hair quality: Due to the mixed hair origin, the quality of hair when buying from Chinese hair vendors is not uniform. Because the hair is mixed and collected from many sources, the cuticle is not aligned, and the hair is prone to tangles and fall out. Thanks to modern production technology, Chinese hair initially looks very smooth and silky, but after only a short time, it will easily fall out and tangle. The hair only lasts for one month.
  • Hair price: the price of Chinese hair falls into the medium price segment in the world hair market. The average price of 100g – 8 inches – natural hair is $6-$7.

As a developed country, hair vendors in China are able to produce a wide range of products using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques in their own country. With a wide variety of products to choose from, they are able to satisfy a wider range of consumer needs. They provide wholesale hair at affordable price, that’s why many customers around the world choose them. However, their hair quality remains a controversial issue.

Chinese hair is popular in the world hair market
Chinese hair is popular in the world hair market
Chinese hair's quality is controversial
Chinese hair’s quality is controversial

2. Pros and cons of buying from hair suppliers in China

It’s important to know the benefits and downsides of any hair supply. Below are the pros and cons of buying hair from a hair vendor in China.

2.1. Pros of buying hair from hair vendors in China

Buying hair from Chinese hair vendors is so beneficial in terms of cost, quantity, product range and shipping time:

  • A large supply is available: A major advantage for hair vendors from China is that hair is always available in large quantities and can be delivered immediately.
  • Reasonable prices: Thanks to the advantage of large-scale production, Chinese hair suppliers can give you the most competitive prices.
  • Many hairstyles and hair types: With a wide variety of styles and colors available, Chinese hair suppliers are able to meet the needs of all consumers. They offer many hair types such as bulk hair, weft hair or clip-in hair, tape-in hair, or micro-bead hair…
  • Wigs and synthetic hair: hair vendors from China have strengths in hair wigs and strengths in synthetic hair production. Thanks to high technology and modern techniques, Chinese synthetic hair has a smooth shine and looks as natural as human hair.
  • Great service: If you find the best hair vendors in China, you will surely be satisfied with their excellent service.
  • Fast delivery times: Because the source of goods is available and the transportation system is convenient, the delivery time is very fast.

It can be seen that with the advantages on quantity, shipping, products range, Chinese hair vendors are really suitable for those who are in need of large quantities of hair in a short time.

China has an abundant hair supply
China has an abundant hair supply

2.2. Cons of buying hair from hair vendors in China

Buying hair from China hair vendors, on the other hand, has many disadvantages regarding hair quality and risk of being scammed:

  • Uncontrollable hair source: Because Chinese hair comes from so many different sources, it’s difficult to keep track of what’s in it. Some vendors even mix it with synthetic hair.
  • Can be scammed: China is famous for its developed hair industry, so there are also many scam hair vendors in China. You need to research carefully before working with Chinese suppliers
  • Hair is not durable: Because China uses a lot of chemicals in the hair treatment process, the hair only lasts for a short time. After a while the hair will easily tangle and fall out.

Therefore, those with high standard for high quality hair should not buy hair from Chinese hair vendors. Instead, you can consider hair of higher quality like Vietnamese hair extensions, Cambodian hair, Malaysian hair,…

Vin Hair Vendor is recognized by many customers around the world as one of the most reputable hair suppliers today supplying premium Vietnamese hair extensions. Vin Hair Vendor commits that all hair products are 100% raw virgin hair of the highest quality available today. Hair has a natural shine, no chemical smell, and an impressive hair lifespan of 2 to 5 years.

Vin Hair Vendor is recognized as a leading human hair vendor
Vin Hair Vendor is recognized as a leading human hair vendor

Contact Vin Hair Vendor now to have a great purchasing experience with premium product quality and dedicated service.

Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor
Some outstanding products of Vin Hair Vendor

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3. Things to keep in mind when working with hair suppliers in China

Choosing a reputable hair supplier in China and buying high-quality hair is not an easy task for everyone. In this section, we will give some suggestions so that you can buy high-quality hair from a reputable China hair supplier.

3.1. Criteria for choosing trustworthy hair suppliers in China

There are numerous con artists in the hair market today so you need to be careful when choosing your partner. Below are some criteria to base on when choosing reliable China wholesale hair vendors:

  • Wholesale hair vendor in China you can trust will provide factory and product photos. It’s important to find those who are willing to show you authentic photos, like those of their factory or employees. Pictures of a company or its products that look too good to be true are usually a red flag that you’ve stumbled upon a scam.
  • Dependable wholesale hair vendors will not be hesitant to make a video call to show the customers their factories and products and will not avoid any question from the customers.
  • The price offered by reputable wholesale hair vendor in China will not be ridiculously low in comparison to the average price on the market.
  • Credible vendors of hair wholesale in China will have registered brand names widely known and can be easily discovered online and by word-of-mouth.
  • Dependable China wholesale hair vendors are those who consistently score highly in online reviews left by both Chinese and international buyers.
  • Reliable wholesale hair vendors in China should have multiple presences on various social media sites, websites or some other way to get in touch with you.
  • Customer protection policies like exchange and return policies are required. reputable Chinese wholesale hair vendors will gladly take back defective items and issue a refund.
  • In addition, it’s better to choose Chinese wholesale hair vendors accepting PayPal payment or have a storefront on AliExpress or Alibaba. Since Ecommerce platforms and PayPal offer buyer protection policies, you can shop and pay with confidence.
  • Of course, reliable Chinese wholesale hair vendorsmust supply hair of high quality. The quality can be evaluated in a number of ways. Some instances are listed below:
    • The China human hair supplied is of high quality if it does not sink in water because high-quality hair does not absorb water.
    • Pull Test: Pull both ends of the hair sample products. If the product rebounds and stretches, it is of high quality.
    • Pass the hair strands through your fingers. It is of poor quality if you feel uneven and rough.
  • If colored hair dye remains on your hands after you stroke the hair, the dye is of poor quality and the color will quickly fade.
  • The scent of a product also reflects the hair quality. The hair is of poor quality if it has a strong and unpleasant odor.
  • If your hair sheds when you vigorously stroke or bang it, then the products supplied by the wholesale hair vendor in China are of low quality.
Dependable Chinese hair vendors will not be hesitant to make a video call
Dependable Chinese hair vendors will not be hesitant to make a video call
It's better to choose hair vendors accepting PayPal payment
It’s better to choose hair vendors accepting PayPal payment

3.2. How to check hair quality from hair suppliers in China

No one wants to buy low-quality hair from China hair supplier. Here, we’ll discuss how to tell whether the hair you got from a Chinese hair manufacturer is of good quality:

  • To test the hair shedding: Ask the sales representatives to stroke the hair from the top down with their fingers with traction from light to strong to see whether any hair strands fall out.
  • Test hair color: Ask them to stroke the hair several times, if the color sticks to their fingers, the hair color will fade off rapidly.
  • Checking the smell: The smell of Chinese hair may tell you whether it has been exposed to harmful chemicals.
    • If the hair has an unpleasant and bad smell, it has likely been treated with chemicals.
    • Hair from Chinese hair manufacturers often has unique fragrances, but if the odor remains after many washes, it’s a sure sign that the hair is of low quality.
  • Conduct a burn test: Using a lighter or an odorless candle, take a few long strands and hold them over a flame.
    • If it is 100% human hair, it will have a less burning smell, no black smoke, and have soft ash.
    • Synthetic hair will have black smoke and the smell of burning plastic, not ash when burning.
Pass the hair strands through your fingers
Pass the hair strands through your fingers
How to check hair quality from hair supplier in China
How to check hair quality from hair supplier in China

Here are some of the best China hair suppliers that are well-known for excellent quality and service, so that you don’t have to waste time looking.

4.1. UNice Hair

UNice is regarded as one of the best hair product providers in the world because of its low cost and wide selection.


  • UNice Hair supplies numerous types of products, including wigs, weft hair, lace closures, and hair accessories. Their wigs are very popular for their beautiful designs and various choices.
  • Their price is cheaper than other hair suppliers in China, $248.28 for 16inch 5×5 HD Glueless Lace Closure Wigs 180% Density
  • Returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days
  • They have the main manufacturing facility in China and 4 branches in the United States.

Cons: the hair has a chemical odor.

There is a large variety of hairstyles and colors available on UNice’s website. Their products won’t let you down.

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Unice Hair
Unice Hair

4.2. Nadula Hair

Nadula Hair is one of the best hair vendors in China. Nadula’s hair products are known for their natural look, luxury, and durability.

  • Main products: wigs, HD lace wigs, V part wigs, hair weaves, bundles&clossures
  • Price: cheaper than other hair suppliers in China, $222.89 for 16inch 5×5 Invisible HD Transparent Lace Closure Wigs Breathability Glueless Curly Wigs With Natural Hairline Wigs 180% Density
  • Policy: returns and exchanges within 30 days from the date of receiving the items
  • Location: Xuchang City, Henan Province, China

Do not pass over Nadula Hair if you are seeking the best China hair suppliers with a large selection of wonderful products.

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Nadula Hair
Nadula Hair

4.3. Rebe Hair

The famous Chinese hair supplier, Rebe Hair, should not be missed. With over 10 years of experience, this Chinese hair supplier is proficient in both production and shipping.

  • Products: hair bundles, hair weave, hair extensions, wigs, closures and frontals…
  • Price: This China hair supplier offers reasonable prices with high quality. $159.30 for 16 inch Full Lace Wigs Silky Straight 18inch Highlight
  • Policy: returns within 30 Days

If you want to go to the next level of success in the hair industry, Rebe Hair – one of the best hair suppliers in China can help you.

Rebe Hair
Rebe Hair

4.4. Baco Hair

Baco Hair was established 10 years ago to manufacture hair for major and medium-sized hair retailers in China and abroad.

  • Products: lace frontals, lace closures, lace wigs, hair extensions…
  • Price: They manufacture their own goods, so they can sell them at affordable prices with high quality.
  • Policy: Within 30 days, you can return or exchange your purchase.

Baco Hair is the top choice for individuals who are just starting out in the hair industry and need reliable hair suppliers in China.

Baco Hair

4.5. Qingdao Emeda

Qingdao Emeda is a prominent Chinese wholesale hair manufacturer.

  • Their product portfolio comprises a variety of synthetic and human hair hair extensions, wigs, and toupees. They provide a diverse choice of products, so you’re likely to discover something that meets your requirements.
  • Their human hair is of exceptional grade and appears quite natural. Their synthetic hair products are likewise of exceptional quality and a good value for money.
  • One of the things that distinguishes this China hair vendor is their emphasis on customer care. They offer a dedicated staff of professionals on hand to answer any inquiries or address any issues you may have regarding their products.

This is one of the top reputable hair vendors from China that you should not miss

4.6. Guangzhou Kabeilu

Guangzhou Kabeilu Hair Factory, one of the largest hair suppliers in China, has been producing high-quality hair extensions for nearly 13 years.

  • Their major products are hair weaves from India, Brazil, Malaysia, and Peru. Hair bundles, frontals, closures, and wigs are some of their most popular goods.
  • Price: Kabeilu hair factory has many years of expertise in the hair industry and is well renowned for its prestige and low hair costs. 3 pieces 10 inch Brazilian Silky Straight Human Hair Extensions for 83,7$.
  • Returns and refunds are allowed within 7 days of receipt.

Kabeilu hair factory would not disappoint people who have just established a hair business and are looking for the greatest China hair suppliers.

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4.7. Henan Rebecca

Henan Rebecca is a wholesale hair factory that has been in operation since 1993.

  • They offer a wide range of human hair products, such as weaves, wigs, and closures.
  • Their items are of great quality and are manufactured entirely of human hair. This China hair factory wholesale has a staff of highly skilled professionals who ensure that their products satisfy the highest requirements.
  • Price: From $20 to $280 per hair product

Henan Rebecca aims to constantly strive to achieve a leading position in the competitive Chinese hair market.

4.8. Xuchang Longqi

Xuchang Longqi Beauty Hair Products Co., Ltd. is a Chinese hair vendor and exporter of hair products.

  • They specialize in the manufacture of high-quality human hair items such as hair weaves, closures, wigs, and extensions.
  • Their hair is soft, silky, and tangle-free because it is created from 100% virgin human hair. To ensure that their products meet international standards, they have a thorough quality control system in place.
  • Price: From $30 to $300

Xuchang Longqi confidently meets all the strictest requirements from customers regarding product quality and design.

4.9. Juancheng Leshine

LeShine is regarded as one of the top hair suppliers in China due to the exceptional worth and cost-effectiveness of its products.

  • Primary offerings consist of tape-in, clip-in, hair weft, and pre-bonded hair.
  • Price tier: $3 to $190 USD
  • Exchanges and returns are permitted within 7 days of receipt.

LeShine is a reputable Chinese wholesale hair supplier of superior quality that offers an extensive variety of hair extensions.

4.10. ISEE Hair

ISSE Hair is one of the best hair vendors not only in China. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years, and their facility helps them to provide competitive pricing on high-quality hair.

  • Products: HD lace wigs, colored wigs, V part wigs, closures and frontals, human hair bundles…
  • Price: very competitive, bundles with 4*4 closure from $121
  • Policy: returns accepted within 15 days

ISSE Hair is the place to go if you want to collaborate with the most reputable wholesale hair vendor in China.

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ISSE Hair – Top best wholesale hair vendor in China

5. FAQs about hair suppliers in China

Below are detailed answers to some frequently asked questions about hair vendors from China.

5.1. Is buying from Chinese hair suppliers difficult?

The answer is absolutely NOT. China has a very developed logistics network, they have their own shipping lines to many countries around the world, so importing hair from China is very quick and convenient.

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5.2. Where Chinese hair suppliers mainly located?

Vendors of hair wholesale in China are most concentrated in Guangzhou province, followed by Henan and Shandong provinces due to:

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  • These are provinces with many industrial parks, large production zones, export processing zones, and Chinese hair factories are not excluded. Wholesale hair vendors in China often have factories and headquarters located here to facilitate production.
  • The unskilled labor force here is abundant and cheap.
  • These are provinces that have trade with many countries in the region and the world with developed logistics, making it easier to supply hair to many markets around the world.
Chinese hair vendors are mainly located in Guangzhou
Chinese hair vendors are mainly located in Guangzhou

5.3. What is the typical lead time for hair extensions production in China?

The lead time for hair extensions production in China typically ranges from 3 to 7 weeks, depending on the complexity of the order and the availability of materials. This lead time can be shorter or longer depending on a number of factors, including:

  • The type of hair extensions being produced: Human hair extensions generally have a longer lead time than synthetic hair extensions.
  • The quantity of hair extensions being produced: Larger orders generally have a longer lead time than smaller orders.
  • The time of year: Lead times may be longer during peak seasons, such as the Christmas and New Year holidays.

In general, it is advisable to order hair extensions from hair suppliers in China at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of when you need them. This will give the manufacturer enough time to produce the extensions to your specifications and ship them to you on time.

China is a notable market that offers an extensive selection of reasonably priced hair extension products. However, to ensure a prosperous transaction, it is critical to conduct thorough research on critical market data and establish familiarity with reputable vendors. Having reviewed this article’s list of the ten finest hair vendors in China, you will be able to select the most satisfactory supplier with confidence.

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